Harmony Korine

Reknown for his work as a director, Harmony Korine is a multi-faceted artist whose work now extends to several other fields like painting and photography.

After his dramatic entrance in the world of film as the scenarist of Kids in 1995, Harmony Korine developed his skills as a director with challenging movies like Gummo, Julien Donkey-boy and Springbreakers. His art pieces have been exhibited at Gagosian galleries, which now represents him in Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York.

By mixing stylistic devices and assembling writing, paintings and photographs, his oeuvre embodies the essence of counterculture.

Harmony Korine’s contributions work alternates between exhibition of personal photographs and advertising collaborations with emblematic brands such as Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent parfums , Dior parfums , Gucci and Supreme.

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